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After Sale Service


1. The warranty of this product is one year from the fixing time, and lifelong maintenance. But the except the wearing parts and the consumables. We offer life-long service for our products. If out of the guarantee period, we will charge according to the rule regulations.  

2. Please installing the equipment according the user manual.

3. Training:  we supply a CD which including the installation, adjustment,  operation and maintenance.  and one U Disk including BMD software. We will training the engineer for the distributor.

4. We will not provide free warranty service for the following reasons:

1). The failure caused by removing and refitting the instrument without any authorization.

2). The failure caused by an inadvertent fall when using or moving

3). The failure caused by wrong maintenance and improper using environment.

4). The failure caused by wrong operation.

5). The instruments and accessories damage created by men.

6). The failure caused by wrong repair which without our company permission .

7). The failure caused by unstable local voltage.

8). The failure or damage caused by fire, earthquake and any other natural disaster.

5. Please contact the agent when you need the warranty service.

6. if out of the warranty. If there is some problem with the equipment,  we will only charge cost for the maintenance.

 Service Line: 008615380121791 


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